Electrostatic posters

Thanks to this unique technique these posters will stick to any surface without glue or tape. Now any door, cupboard, wall, mirror or window can be turned into an advertising medium. Whatever material the surface is made of, concrete, wood, glass or wallpaper, electrostatic posters can be placed almost everywhere ! Simply place it on the selected surface, smooth it flat, and that’s it. These posters cling because of their static charge; once removed they leave no residue. Also you can reposition them again and again. These posters come in twee kinds:
  • on sheets with a backliner; their static charge that lasts 3 to 6 months.
  • With 25 pcs on a roll; their static charge lasts for several years.

  • We can turn any artwork into an electrostatic poster. Available in sizes up to A0.